Traditions and Lasting Memories

Inspired by Islamic tradition and history we create decorations for Ramadan and Eid in a minimalistic and Scandinavian design. 

Our products are not for one time use only. We wish to create special and lasting memories. When welcoming the month of Ramadan and Eid, get your box of Eid Decorations, and with help from your children, decorate your home and get into that special Ramadan mood. For Islamic family activities please check our blog, 'Children Items' and Youtube channel.

Blessed Days and Open Doors

Ramadan is a special time of reflection and a spiritual journey, as one try to increase in doing continuously good and sincere deeds. It's also a time where we open our homes and come together as families and in our communities. Since Ramadan and Eid are welcomed in many countries and cultures, the traditions may vary from family to family. When creating your own traditions during this time it helps facilitate a nice, cozy, safe and known atmosphere and memories which the whole family can enjoy and benefit from.


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The Tree of Good Deeds

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Stars on a String

Decorate your windows, door, wall or childrens room with stars tied up in a line. In this video we show how to tie the string so the ornaments wont slide while hanging.

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