A guide to DIY Ramadan and Eid projects

This list is for creative parents who wants to make Ramadan and Eid DIY items. I have tried to list the pages I know and follow, and please comment or share links, so we can make a useful list full of inspo and good ideas. I chose to use Instagram profiles for the list:

  • Hello Holy days: The ideas to all kinds of DIY Ramadan and Eid decor has definitely added up over the years! Find everything here: @helloholydays
  • Little Life of Mine: super creative sister, currently living in Jordan sharing all kind of crafts projects and was the woman behind the concept of a Ramadan basket for the kids @littlelifeofmine
  • Kitab Kids - a lovely sister sharing creative Islamic children projects and lots of inspo and for Ramadan and Eid DIY projects: @kitabkids

  • Iman Blogs: Homeschooling sister with tons of creative learning methods and Ramadan DIY guides. Dont miss the saved stories and her daily stories with lots of inspo: @imanblogs
  • Sweet Fajr - Everyones favorite sister for amazing free printables! If you are a crafty parent you will for sure have noticed one of this sisters amazing projects @sweetfajr 

  • My Deen Magazine: Kids Ramadan Activity Magazine with extended Ramadan posts. If you have good ideas, questions ect I suggest you send them a message  : @mydeen_magazine 

  • The Eid Magazine: lots of links to creative profiles and DIY ideas. I also suggest you send them a message if you have ideas and suggestions: @doeidyourself
  • Ramadan Crafts: Runned by @HafsaCreates. Sharing pictures and ideas of DIY decor. Check the cute popcorn bags @ramadancrafts

  • Memories Made Egypt: Ideas for Ramadan and Eid banners with both Arabic or Latin letters @memoriesmadeegypt

  • Senorita Crafty : Handmade with love ❤. Scrol Jenn's beautiful page and remember to check the saved Ramadan story the top of the feed:  @senoritacrafty

  • Tuesday Crafters: Get your weekly dose of beautifully picked Ramadan craft projects @tuesdaycrafter 

  • Dstampss: lots of cute gift wrapping ideas @dstampss

  • Karima' crafts has a wide range of islamic homeshool crafts, and a pretty large Ramadan DIY section. You can find calenders, trees, masjids ect @karimascrafts
  • Little Eid Co : sharing their Ramadan and Eid story and how they make it fun  and exiting for the kids: @littleeidco
  • Nurturing.learners:  Helping parents support children's education in school and homeschool. Check the saved stories Ramadan and Eid: @nurturing.learners
  • Ramadan Around The World: love this idea! Support them by sending your pictures and share your traditions @ramadanaroundtheworld
  • Little Wings Creative: provides a Ramadan For Kids series with free printables. find it here: @littlewingscreative
  • AliHuda: if you are looking for a family movie night, AliHuda just uploaded a Ramadan serie, which invites you inside the Islamic World during Ramadan. 30 contries. 30 nights @AliHudatv

Instagram Hashtags you can follow for DIY inspiration:








 On this page (@bintkhuwaylid) you can find:

Please remember the  families sharing their valuable time and  ideas in your du'a. May Allah grant them tons of blessings for every second spend on these projects!

If you know anyone sharing Ramadan and Eid DIY projects pm me and I will add it to the list inshaAllah. BarakaAllahu feekum :)

Enjoy <3


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