Where to buy Ramadan and Eid decor?

Its time for me to withdraw and this will be my last season making Ramadan and Eid products closing the webshop completely at Eid al Adha inshaAllah. I will however continue to make an annual ornament (with hijri engraving) which will be sold online from an Islamic shop inshaAllah. Since I signed off my storage back in January my mind has been occupied with a new and different project, which I of course will share with you when its ready inshaAllah.

It has been a (mostly) fun journey planting a seed in this lets-make-Ramadan-and-Eid-visible field. As you all know my concept and idea was to make re-useable Ramadan and Eid decor in a simple and minimalistic design. I do have to admit that there are SO much amazing stuff out there! Some products very similar and some very different, but look at this field we planted together, with different shapes and colors looking beautiful both individually and together, making it possible for costumers to pick their favorite flowers mixing them in unique ways.  

As larger brands and companies already are starting to see a profit in Islamic occasions and especially in making mainstream Ramadan and Eid decor, please KEEP SUPPORTING small business. Honestly, these concepts were made by hardworking Muslim moms who had the knowledge, felt the need, got the ideas and I can assure you that they are not making a huge profit from their hard work - if any! 

Making it easy for everyone to stock up Ramadan and Eid decor and pick their favorite flowers I have tried to make a list describing some of these super creative businesses below. Of course 2 lines can't do any justice, but follow their link, like them, read their posts, comment and support their journey. OUR journey as a Muslim community. 

*If anyone who is reading along feel a huge irresistible need to send me a present please consider below to be on my absolute wishlist of the year*

Sisters making dreams come true:

  • Huegge: a danish concept in which two amazing sisters hit right on the head: color- and activity books with Islamic assignments making Ramadan fun, colorful and 'hyggelig'. The products are high quality and filled with surprising details. Find them here:  @huegge_dk - www.huegge.dk
  • The Rustic Home: I have been following these two amazing ladies since their beginning. I absolutely love the style, the quality and the unique and stylish products. If you are into high quality and re-useable items dont miss  @therustikhome - www.therustikhome.com
  • Modern Eid: was already on the market when I started. I remember scrolling through the page thinking 'woow this is amzing!' If you missed out on their amazing acrylic products and prints you wont for sure this year since ModernEid will be hitting Macys in a couple of weeks!! @moderneid - www.moderneid.com
  • Days of Eid: with the recently launch of a home line, this sister amazed again with a beyond beautiful line of stylish and decorative products. You can find plates, light signs, the most amazing masjid calender and table cloths among other unique and festive items @daysofeid -  www.daysofeid.com 
  • Elefantos: another danish company, taking Islamic dimensions into the danish concept of hygge. You can find different kinds of fabric calenders, cake toppers and also activity books which for sure will make Ramadan fun for children: @elefantos.dk - elefantos.dk 
  • Crown your Occasions: When I first saw their Ramadan signs combining wood with flowers I was blown away. Crown your occasions not only has these amazing signs, but a hole range of re-useable decor @crownyouroccasions -  www.crownyouroccasions.com
  • With a Spin: If I say cookie cutters you all properly already know who Im talking about. The smell of home baked cookies is such a beautiful experience and memory for children during Ramadan and Eid, and I simply love the idea of Islamic themed cookies. Not only can you find the famous cookie cutters, but also a wide range of beautiful prints and Ramadan and Eid products. @withaspin - linktr.ee/withaspin_
  • Honey Lemon Events: makes the most amazing range and tought out Ramadan and Eid supplies, and this year she teamed up with  talented @aleenahayattdesign mashaAllah . Of cource this combination resulted in amazing prints and products. Find it here:  @honeylemonevents - webshop launcing soon
  • Hafsa Creates : a very creative sister who makes lovely handmade Eid and Ramadan gifs. You can also find other Ramadan and Eid items: @hafsacreates - hafsacreatesshop.com
  • Ramadan Legacy: beautiful planners with every thing you need in Ramadan to be inspired, organised and devoted. Set your goals and keep track. Find them here: @ramadan_legacy - www.shor.by/ramadanlegacy.com
  • Ramadan Good Deed Tree: If you are following me you already know my Tree of Good Deeds, and I can assure you that this is a coincidence. I have to say that I LOVE the idea :D . You can purchase your own Ramadan Good Deed Tree and they even thought of different good deeds towards different age groups: @ramadan.tree - www.etsy.com/ca/shop/RamadanTree
  • The Mango Leaf: just launched her Etsy shop where you can find beautiful and colorful banners and associates. Check it out:  @themangoleaf - etsy.com/shop/TheMangoLeaf
  • Emaan boost : has been making decor since 2002! You can find Ramadan and Eid decor, calenders and gifts in her shop. If you like simple and classic items, this is wherea to look: @emaanboost  - www.emaanboost.com
  • Hello Holy Days: Im sure this amazing lady does not need an introduction. Manal has been making reuseable Ramadan and Eid products and been sharing tons of creative DIY ideas for years! Manal is also the woman behind Purple Ramadan and the Ramadan drummer. Be sure to check out these amazing products @helloholydays - www.createandbarrel.com/whats-new/new-kids-decor-accessories/1
  • My 1st Masjid:  anyone following along in my story knows that this is one of my absolute favorite concepts. I simply find the idea of creating a beautiful prayer corner as a special Ramadan children event brilliant. I also love the new products like stamps which makes the kids able to create mini masjids and different patterns. Find everything here: @my1stmasjid - www.my1stmasjid.com
  • Ramadanbox.eu: Just launched this year Ramadan Box hit the head of the nail with their aim to make Ramadan visible. Im sure  you wont miss this talented group behind the company  making beautiful products and visuals for you to get inspired through Ramadan. Lets Bloom! @ramadanbox.eu - www.ramadanbox.eu
  • Twinkled Eid: have you ever thought of a cozy and special Eid pyjamas? No me neither, but Twinkled Eid did! Check it out: @twinkled.eid - www.twinkledeid.myshop.com

  • Jasmine and Merigold:  also makes cute Eid and Ramadan pyjamas along with other nice products, check it out @jasmineandmerigold for  linktr.ee/jasmineandmarigold 
  • Tida design: a very talented multiartist specializing in Islamic art who does not only make a-ma-zing art but also just launched a line of geometric coasters just perfect for Ramadan decor. Check it out: @tidadesign -  www.tidadesigns.com
  • Eid Creations: Among gorgeous and festive products dont miss the wide range of festive plates with all kinds of colors, shapes and patterns which allows you to welcome your guests to the perfect iftar and Eid table. Find everything here: @eidcreations - www.eidcreations.com
  • Handmade beginnings: if you are into handmade products made with tons of love and creativity you properly already knows this sister. Have you seen the fabric Ramadan calenders with moon tracker? This is where you find them: @handmadebeginnings - www.handmadebeginnings.com
  • Zed and Q: definitely one of my favorite creative families mashaAllah. I love everything they make, the style and the colors. If you like Bint Khuwaylid products this is definitely THE page to check out: @zedandq - www.zedandq.com
  • Cresent Star Creations: aim to invoke excitement and love for Islam and its holydays using home decor. I especially love their Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem napkin rings and Ramadan dinnerware! Find it and other beautiful items here: @cresentstarcreations -  www.cresentstarcreations.com
  • Huez Unlimited:  Specialized in papercut and wood art, but you can also find gorgeous Ramadan products like an amazing Ramadan chalkboard with iftar and suhoor timings, an unique sadaqa jar and a salah tracker @huez_unlimited - www.etsy.com/shop/HuezUnlimited 
  • Star Paper Moon: retailer and designer of unique partyware, decorations and art in beautiful colors. Don't miss their Mubarak collection <3 : @starpapermoon - www.starpapermoon.com
  • The Little Bulbul: specialized in beautiful prints with islamic motivs, patterns and arabic letters (which I'm personally a huge fan of!), and also have specific Ramadan products like Ramadan Memory Matching Game: @thelittlebulbul - www.thelittlebulbul.com


Webshops specialised in Ramadan and Eid decor:

  • Eidparty.co.uk: propperly has the wides range of Ramadan and Eid decor online and if you are looking for one shop to cover all your decor shopping this is the one! You can find festive signs, huge baloons, cake toppers, amazing trays, cake toppers and tons of beautiful decor. @eidparty.co.uk - www.eidparty.co.uk
  • Silver Lining UK: is another Webshop specialized in decor for Ramadan, Eid and Muslim occasions. You can find wrapping paper, ramadan journales and all kinds of stylish items and decor: @every_cloud_silver_lining - www.everycloud-silverlining.co.uk
  • Mubarak Creations: also specialized in Ramadan and Eid decor. Dont you just love the name Mubarak Creations? Find everything here: @mubarakcreations - www.mubarakcreations.co.uk
  • My Little Ruhm: Specialised in Islamic childrens books, toys and Ramadan and Eid decor. If you live in UAE this is properly the easiest way to purchase from the creative ladies mentioned above: @mylittleruhm - www.mylittleruhm.com
  • The Eid shop: a carefully picked collection of festive Ramadan and educational Ramadan and Eid items. Based in Australia: @theeidshop - www.theeidshop.com/au 
  • Butik Selina: a smallcarefully webshop based in Sweden runned by a lovely sister. You can find both Ramadan inspo and product : @butikselina - www.butikselina.se

May Allah put lots of kheir in all of their hard work! 

If you are in any groups with mamas looking for Ramadan and Eid products these are the ladies who put their hearts into their products and business, share their work and make it reach as far as possible.

Please, if you know a small, creative business specializing in Ramadan and Eid decor  which is not mentioned above let me know, and if you are mentioned but do not feel im giving you or your products justice, pm me asap! 

Wishing everyone a beautiful Ramadan and Eid, may it be full of kheir and open doors!


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