Mini Masjid: ahlan wa sahlan Ya Ramadan

This year we decided to turn a large part of the children's room into a mini masjid as on going Ramadan activity where the kids can pray, practice quran, sing nasheed with friends and read stories inside of. This project was highly inspired by who makes the coolest masjids for children. Please check them out!

Everyone had a role in building our masjid  and it was done for less than 100 kr /15 usd. Even the children living next door wanted to contribute

First we went to the shops nearby and got lots of old boxes. We used thick tape putting them together. On top of that we added a layer of sticky paper with stone and wood motive.


Then we added (cheap) sticky paper with briks and wood pattern

Then we spray painted the kubah/dome

Final we decorated with prayer mats, Bint Khuwaylid stars and lanterns:

 Remember to use LED lights when using lanterns in childrens area



 We can gladly announce that the masjid has been very popular and full of children ever since it opened last night :) alhamdulillah


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