Ramadan Moon Clock

The last 2 years our girls had lots of fun with our homemade Ramadan Clock. 'Mum where is the Ramadan Clock?'  they already asked. 'It's supposed to hang on the door'. So this year we made it as a free printable for everyone to use and benefit from bi'idnillah.

The Ramadan Clock can be used as a fun way to  involve children in the Ramadan nights and to teach them about the lunar calendar. It's an easy way for children to understand when and why the Month of Ramadan begin and ends.

When able to go and watch the moon for at least one night. Afterwards you can make the phase of the moon with an Oreo cookie :)

You can print the Ramadan Moon Clock right here : Click here for printables 

We added both English and Arabic letters and numbers, but of course you can use what you prefer. The numbers can be cut separately or you can cut the whole circle and add that to the clock (for less work). Add stars, patterns or glitter as you (and your children) like. Please use  #ramadanmoonclock and #eiddecorations to inspire others and show how your Ramadan Moon Clock turned out.

Watch the video below for further instructions: 


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