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DAMASCUS Lantern small

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DAMASCUS Lantern.  

Small, 20 cm

Material: Steel, Glass.

Please carefully read below before ordering this product:

DAMASCUS lanterns are handmade under the authorization of Mohammed Rizwan and designed by Bint Khuwaylid. Each item will therefor be unique, rustic and with variations.  We chose to use a traditional pattern often used in Islamic architecture. The lanterns are made with a VERY rustic and antique look. The idea behind this is to take you back to the old Islamic cities where lanterns where lightened during the blessed nights of Ramadan.

Care instructions:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

For indoor and outdoor use. Keep out of rain. 

* Please carefully read the instructions below before using product.

Instructions: Handmade and rustic lantern for tealight candle or led candle. Metal and glass can get very hot! Do not touch the top of the lantern with your hands when a candle is burning inside! Keep out of reach from children. Never leave a lit candle in the lantern unattended. Hang or place the lantern on a heat-resistant and fireproof material, in a safe distance away from combustible materials. Do not drop matches or any objects on the tealight. Extinguish by snuffing out the flame.  

Important: the glow from the lantern might cause a beautiful, calm and cozy atmosphere. Feel free to share it with loved ones.

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