Purple Ramadan

This year we added a purple set of acrylic stars to our collection. 

Manal Aman who's behind Helloholydays.com has for many years worked around the color purple for her beautiful Ramadan decor and its the color in her lastest product line. Manal writes on her instagram (@helloholydays) page:

''Ramadan's traditions are all about the night. We eat at night, we pray at night, and the most important Ramadan tradition of all, searching for the night of power, happens at night''

From her webpage helloholydays.com Manal further explains about the color purple in an islamic context:

  1. Purple is a colour associated with twilight, the time we break our fast. 
  2. Purple is a colour associated with a starry night sky. 
  3. Purple represents mystery. Ramadan certainly has an air of mystery; for example the exact date of Night of Power each year is an intentional mystery. For those who follow the Local Moon Sighting Method, even holiday dates are a mystery, only known for certain the night before.
  4. Purple represents spirituality. Ramadan is of course a time of year associated with spirituality. 

Our green (which is known of the color of islam) acrylic stars goes perfect with these new purple stars, as we love joining a #purpleramadan.