The Tree of Good Deeds

The Tree of Good Deeds is a way for children to visualize how small  deeds grow large and strong. By adding a leaf everyday during the month of Ramadan the tree will in the end of the month have grown into a large beautiful tree.

If you didn't get a tree you can easily make your own from thick paper. The printable leaves on this page are free to use for everyone. You can print as many leaves as you wish for as many times you want.

How to do it

1. Print out the printables by using the links above We suggest you mix the 3 different sizes and print them on different shades of green paper

2.  Write one good deed (donate a toy, visit the neighbor, call grandma etc.) on each leaf, making 30 all together. One for each day in the month of Ramadan. You can type the deeds in a word document, print and cut it out, or write it straight on the leaf.

3.  Use one leaf everyday during the month of Ramadan and attach it on the tree. For an easy removal afterward use stickyfix (yes, in Denmark we call it elefantsnot). For variation you can add beautifying items like flowers.

 NB! Bint Khuwaylids Tree of Good Deeds will not be sold on this page. Please follow  Perlen (click here).  Perlen (DM aid) will host different fundraising events during the month of sha'ban/Ramadan